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An expression of commitment to business excellence and employee care on corporate t-shirt

TeeHause: SKF Corporate T-shirts

A leading global technology provider since 1907 providing solutions in areas such as bearings, seals and lubricants, SKF offers solutions to over 40 industries in 130 countries. With its success based on technology knowledge, its people and commitment to SKF Care Principles including business, employee, environment and community care, SKF is dedicated to sustainable development.

TeeHause: SKF's commitment to employee care reflected on their micro fiber corporate t-shirt

SKF’s commitment to business excellence and employee care is reflected on their corporate t-shirt. The soft and smooth t-shirt made of micro fiber offers comfort to the staff, promoting their well-being. Durable and easy-to-care, the wrinkle-resistant t-shirt allows staff to maintain a professional image hassle-free.

TeeHause: Silkscreen printed safety committee and zero accident logos on sleeve

With health and safety of all employees as the top priority, the safety committee identity and zero accident commitment were expressed on safety committee members’ corporate t-shirt with silkscreen printed logos.

Material: Micro fiber flat knit

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