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Fun of growing up with experiential learning camps and field trips

Gone were the days where children are free to paddle in the river, roam in the fields and catch spiders at the backyard. Modern city life has provided much convenience and resources for our children’s learning and yet deprived them of first-hand experiences.

Fun of GrowinG (FOGG) focuses on developing children’s physical growth and mental health through experiential learning, coupled with critical thinking and putting what they have learnt into practice. From Indian Heritage Museum, LASELLE Collage to nature parks and green architectures, FOGG organises camps and field trips that inspire children’s investigating skills, stimulate their curiosity and challenge their creativity.

Tapping into their senses, the children observe, hear, smell, feel and explore during these camps and field trips. Through the hands-on experiential process, they gain new insights, sharpen their reasoning and communication skills and may even develop new interests.

TeeHause: Royal Blue Cotton Silkscreen Printed Round Neck Tee and White Polo Tee with Logo Embroidery

Have you met them at their field trips? Clad in comfy, royal blue round neck t-shirts, the children are guided by their teachers wearing white polo t-shirts.

We silkscreen printed a distinct and large FOGG logo at the center of the children’s t-shirts for a fun and casual look. And, the spirit and values of FOGG learning camps were specially designed for the back of the children’s t-shirts.

Forging a strong bond and group identity, a smaller FOGG logo was embroidered on the front left chest of teachers’ t-shirts to portray a professional image, while FOGG’s tagline “Fun of Growing” was printed at the back.

We proposed cotton-polyester fabric for both t-shirts. This unique blended fabric offers a balance in providing comfort and maintaining a tidy appearance. Moisture-absorbent cotton as its inner surface keeps the children and teachers cool, while the wrinkle-resistant polyester on its outer surface let them stay neat and tidy as they have fun at their outdoor activities.

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