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BreadTalk X TeeHause: Serving with our hearts

Being one of the oldest man-made staple food since ancient times, the simple bread has become an important part of our diet in many parts of the world.

Over the past 20 years, BreadTalk has strived to bring about new innovations to this simple bread, offering customers great tastes filled with natural goodness. Premium ingredients sourced globally are used to produce breads of consistent quality, flavour and texture in their central kitchen.

For the past few years, TeeHause has worked hand-in-hand with BreadTalk in dressing up their chefs in comfort and pride, giving them an extra boost in motivation to create our staple food with inspiration.

The Master Chefs’ jackets were produced in stylish double-breasted look with handmade mandarin button knots. We completed the jackets with chefs’ names embroidered in fine workmanship to enhance a professional image.

Hygiene and comfort are of upmost importance in the central kitchen. Taking these into consideration, we provided chef jackets with front zipper for the central kitchen team, instead of classic button-up ones, leaving no chance of buttons dropping into the food. Elastic bands were added to the waist area to enhance tidiness and ease of movement. Coupled with a pair of drawstring pants, the uniforms offered maximum comfort for the chefs.

As an experienced uniforms supplier with full fledged capabilities, we also assisted BreadTalk in its brand communications efforts. Each time, when BreadTalk initiated a new front-of-house uniform concept, we helped to turn ideas into reality by proposing fabrics that would balance aesthetics and functionality, presenting the team in a fresh new look in line with the brand’s image.

From the front-of-house to corporate social responsibilities (CSR) teams, we produced a wide range of uniforms for them that communicated BreadTalk’s concepts and values. These included polo t-shirts, corporate shirts, pants to pumpkin hats and aprons for the front-of-house and sporty raglan sleeves t-shirts for the CSR teams.

As a one-stop uniforms supplier, TeeHause is honoured to be able to add value to BreadTalk through supporting its efforts in branding and building relationships with staff, customers and the community.

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