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Spreading awareness and celebrating abilities of persons with special needs

Each year, The Purple Parade promotes awareness and celebrates abilities of the special needs community with a bang - carnival, contingent, concert, you name it.

TeeHause: The Purple Parade Round Neck Printed Tee

A movement that promotes an inclusive society, The Purple Parade calls on folks from all walks of life to participate in this yearly campaign held in October to November. It is a month filled with activities that lead up to a huge party to spread awareness and showcase abilities of persons with special needs.

Given equal opportunities, to access to education, employment, transport and social networks, the special needs community are able to equip themselves with skills and transform life challenges into possibilities. As part of our growing nation, they have shown us that they too can be the contributing members of our society.

The Purple Symphony, for instance, is partially comprised of talented musicians who are with special needs. The members play Asian and Western musical instruments, performing lovely tunes that touch the hearts of many.

If you had joined the last purple party, you would have worn the event t-shirt designed by The Purple Parade team. The iconic artwork design at the back was printed using silkscreen print technique to achieve cost-effectiveness.

For the front of the t-shirt, the focus was drawn towards The Purple Parade logo printed on the left chest – a logo with four sides representing equality for the special needs community, and the square symbolising strong building blocks towards an inclusive Singapore.

To reinforce the commitment towards building an inclusive society, we custom-made a special label for the t-shirts based on The Purple Parade logo.

The same design was used to produce round neck and polo t-shirts. For both t-shirts, the team opted for the light weight, ultra-smooth and soft micro fiber flat knit fabric to produce The Purple Parade event t-shirts. Its moisture-wicking feature kept the participants cool and comfy as they had fun at the huge outdoor party.

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