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Corporate Profile


Corporate Wear Specialist

Established in 2011, TeeHause served the corporate wear market with the aim to enhance our customers’ brand and group identity. With our expertise in fabric and belief in balancing practicality and aesthetics, we design and produce professional, comfortable and durable uniforms.


TeeHause Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2017 as the business expand to offer comprehensive corporate wear solutions. We provide a wide range of products including ready-made uniforms available online, and custom-made tailored workwear, t-shirts and accessories. Our services include various printing techniques such as silkscreen printing, embroidery and heat transfer, as well as uniform inventory management.


Fast and reliable delivery is ensured with our manufacturing facilities located in Singapore, as well as Malaysia, Indonesia and China.


Our customers range from government agencies, F&B, retail, entertainment, healthcare to social groups.

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