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Celebrating diversity and togetherness in our community

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Since 2017, South Central Community Family Service Centre (SCCFSC) and members had launched the I Wish You Enough (IWYE) movement to spread the culture of mutual help. IWYE celebrates the diversity and togetherness in our community. Keeping the kampung spirit alive, it has been organising events to promote the spirit of sharing in our neighbourhoods.

TeeHause: I Wish You Enough movement cotton printed tees

We were involved in this movement by producing comfy t-shirts for the organiser and its members. With the request for soft and lightweight cotton t-shirts, we proposed 100% fully combed cotton round neck t-shirts. Fully combed cotton are softer and stronger than normal cotton. Short protruding fibers, which are prone to breakage, are removed in the process of combing.

SCCFSC selected black and white t-shirts among the available colours* for this project. To achieve cost-effectiveness for this bulk production, we used silkscreen printing to capture the bright and cheery IWYE logo on the front of the t-shirt and SCCFSC logo at the back.

*Note: Available colours for fully combed cotton t-shirts are black, white, red, navy blue, heather charcoal and heather light grey. We also offer custom dyeing service to customers’ preferred colours for a minimum order of 800 pieces of t-shirts.

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