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Gearing up for the digital future with My Digital Bootcamp

From bustling e-commerce and smart technology to working from home and home-based learning – we cannot do without digital skills now, and what more in the future.

My Digital Bootcamp, a two-day digital workshop programme, had helped students from disadvantaged background acquire digital skills. Rolled out by Central Singapore Community Development Council (CSCDC) between September 2019 to March 2020, the programme targeted to expose 1,000 participants to programming concepts and encouraged them to explore their interest in technology.

TeeHause: My Digital Bootcamp t-shirt - Capturing delicate details and colour gradient with high resolution silkscreen machine printing

A t-shirt memento was specially produced for the participants. To capture the essence of the programme, CSCDC designed a colourful image of students having fun and exploring creation of robot and navigation tools for the front of t-shirt. They chose to print sponsor’s logo at the back, together with CSCDC logo, in appreciation of the sponsor’s support.

TeeHause: My Digital Bootcamp T-shirt - sponsor's logo printed in appreciate of their support

To ensure maximum comfort for the students, CSCDC selected an ultra-soft and breathable fully-combed cotton for the t-shirt.

Based on the requirements, we opted to use high resolution silkscreen machine printing instead of digital printing for this bulk production. This way, we not only produced vivid images that displayed all the delicate details and colour gradient, but also helped the organiser save costs.

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