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Sporty and energetic-looking sheath dress with a feminine touch for the trainers of Draft Denmark

A reflection of Danish beer culture, where beer drinking is viewed as a social activity that connects people and emanates warmth and comfort from good companionship, a sporty and energetic-looking sheath dress with mandarin collar was designed for the trainers of Draft Denmark.

Its logo, the Valknut – a popular symbol associated with Norse mythology represents Draft Denmark’s belief in the ability and faith to understand the intricate web of destiny and move life towards the direction one prefers, was silkscreen printed prominently in gold on the right corner of the dress.

Made of blended fabric, the dress is comfortable to wear with cotton as the inner surface and retains professionalism with wrinkle-free polyester as the outer surface. The white side panels provides a slim silhouette, adding a feminine touch. Giving recognition to the trainers, three gold stars with the word “trainer” was silkscreen printed on the left sleeve.

Material: Cotton Micro Fiber

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