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Embracing the Agile culture with printed corporate t-shirts

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

TeeHause: GovTech Bold cotton round neck t-shirt
TeeHause: Agile cotton round neck t-shirt

TeeHause: GovTech silkscreen printed t-shirt

TeeHause: Govtech collaborative cotton round neck t-shirt

With the role to harness the best info-communications technologies to make a difference to the everyday lives of Singaporeans, Government Technology Agency (GovTech) adopts a flexible working culture. The Agile culture defines job role by projects, places emphasis on team collaboration, continual learning and planning, and be bold to experiment in order to adapt to situations quickly in a fast-changing environment.

Three colourful designs depicting the ABC (A-Agile, B-Bold & C-Ceative) values were silkscreen printed on the round neck t-shirts, portraying a dynamic organisation. 100% cotton t-shirts were chosen offering maximum comfort to the team as they drive digital transformation towards a SMART Nation.

Materials: 100% cotton

100% cotton t-shirt is available at TeeHause online shop

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