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Spice up the festive mood with a new corporate t-shirt

This Christmas, Cedele dressed up their crew with a new round neck corporate t-shirt. Maroon, a colour which signifies passion and excitement was chosen to demonstrate their commitment to serving wholesome food and complementing the festive mood. A touch of warmth and coziness was added to the ambience as enthusiastic crew in maroon t-shirts serve customers with pride. What’s more, maroon, which was also said to trigger appetite, allowed customers to better enjoy healthy sumptuous meals with their love ones.

The brand’s logo silkscreen printed on the left chest created a clean-cut and well-groomed image of a F&B crew. Soft cotton-blended fabric was chosen to provide comfort to the wearers.

Considering a festive t-shirt for your eatery or retail shop? This season, consider making a t-shirt that compliments your brand to enliven the atmosphere and the spirits of the season. Display promotional message on the t-shirt to attract customers. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and colours to match the occasion.

Create a t-shirt that will spice up the mood for your eatery and retail shop for the upcoming Lunar New Year. Contact us today.

Material: Cotton-blended

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