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Creating Memories: Queenstown Secondary School 60th Anniversary

Last year, Queenstown Secondary School celebrated its 60th anniversary with a bang! TeeHause was happy to be part of this memorable occasion by producing QUEST 60th Anniversary polo t-shirts for the students and staff, and other t-shirts donned by various student groups to celebrate the event.

Established in 1956 as an all-boys technical school, Queenstown Secondary School started offering co-education in 1971. With the mission to nurture all Queenstownians to rise as future-ready leaders, actively contributing to society, the school has since produced a few scholars including Lee Yock Suan, former minister of Singapore.

To celebrate the joyous occasion, a few celebratory activities were lined up throughout the year including the official launch of the 60th anniversary celebration, Aesthetic Night 2016 THE CROWN performance and 60th Anniversary Dinner. Perfumes, Memories and Hopes, concocted by students using scientific principles learnt from their textbooks, were sold at the anniversary dinner as commemorative souvenirs.

QUEST 60th Anniversary Polo T-shirt: Student

TeeHause was selected to produce the QUEST 60th Anniversary polo t-shirts. Navy blue, a colour that depicts strength and reliability, was chosen as the base colour of the student polo t-shirt. The white curved pipping added to the sleeves and body lightened up the overall look. Coupled with the easy to maintain micro fiber fabric, the student polo t-shirt portrayed a school of resilient and spirited students, who were kept well-groomed at all times, as they donned the t-shirt for various events during the year.

QUEST 60th Anniversary Polo T-shirt: Staff

Given an idea of the student t-shirt style, we were requested to design a matching creation with distinct features for the staff to easily identify them. We forgo the initial idea of having a different colour for the staff t-shirt. Navy blue was kept as the main colour to maintain unity. While the student t-shirt design offers a youthful look with the curved pipping on sleeves and body, we proposed a more matured design for the staff. Two panels of vertical white pipping were added to the front and back of the t-shirt. The collar was knitted with double white tipping, while the cuffs were added with a single white tipping. White buttons, instead of the usual translucent ones, were sewn to complete the look. Be it from the front or the back, the custom made t-shirt allowed staff to be easily recognisable amid the students.

Aesthetic Night 2016: Performing Arts Groups Crew T-shirt

Besides the QUEST 60th anniversary polo t-shirts, we also produced t-shirts for the performing arts groups crew at Aesthetic Night 2016 THE CROWN performance – a maroon round neck t-shirt with mango silkscreen print that dazzled in the night.


1. QUEST 60th Anniversary polo t-shirt – student – micro fiber

2. QUEST 60th Anniversary polo t-shirt – staff – CVC micro fiber mesh

3. Aesthetic Night 2016 crew round neck t-shirt – single jersey TC

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