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Tips in getting a suitable corporate uniform?

Here are some tips for you when choosing a uniform design Colour

You can choose colour tones that are close to your corporate colour or based on the interior theme of your shops.

You can also choose your uniforms based on seasonal theme. Eg: Red for Chinese New Year or Christmas; Pink for Valentine's Day.

The nature of the work is also part of considerations, dark colours are good for hiding stains while light colours look refreshing. Design If you have a large number of staff, sizes may vary widely. Consider having different designs for them. Go for a simple design for them, and make some adaptions on the cutting without changing the overall look and feel of the uniforms. Uniform designs need to be practical as they are worn during work. Although it is good to have design details, keep them simple for easy maintenance of the uniforms. Fabric Being comfortable in one's uniforms is of utmost important to most people.

In a temperature controlled setting environment (eg. and air-conditioned room), you can consider getting a natural fibre fabric. 100% natural fibre materials such as cotton and linen are comfortable for the wearer, being soft to the skin and breathable.

As natural fibres tends to shrink after washing, ask your uniform provider for heavy weight preshrunk cotton materials. Cotton twill is a good choice for pants. Polyester mixed or 100% polyester fabric will have a more lasting color than natural fibres fabrics.

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