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New sublimation printed t-shirt for Lambency Detailing

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

A new sublimation printed t-shirt produced for Lambency Detailing, a car grooming workshop offering protective coatings to keep cars smooth and shiny.

Given the intricate company logo design with colour gradient, sublimation printing was chosen to print the logos. Suited for printing colourful and detailed images, this is a printing technique that uses heat sensitive inks to print on coated transfer paper and then the inks are turned into gas under specific level of heat and pressure and infused into the polyester fabric.

As this technique is only suited for white or light colour polyester fabric, the white t-shirt was fully sublimated with black ink to achieve the preferred black t-shirt. Using this technique, the inks were permanently infused with the fabric and not would not fade or crack after multiple washings.

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Material: Lightweight micro fiber

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