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Lifestyle & Social Groups

Connect & enrich your life in style

Strengthen your group relationships  and express your way of life,  skills  and talents in style and comfort.  TeeHause helps you build a common identity with your friends who share the same interests.

Build a common identity with your unique group attire

Understanding your group culture, be it a yoga group or an orchestra, TeeHause crafts designs that express your personalities and recommend fabrics that suit your needs.

Share with us your design for printing on a wide selection of ready t-shirts, be it round neck or raglan sleeves. Need help with design? Contact us and we work hand-in-hand with you to produce your custom group t-shirt. 

Express your way of life, skills and talents in style and comfort

Vibrant t-shirts for your sport activities, festive carnivals or other events could be designed to match the themes and fabricated with comfy fabrics such as cotton and polyester.  

Reminisce your school days with a class reunion t-shirt

Re-connect with your classmates and cherish many more years of friendship to come with a class reunion t-shirt.

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