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Displaying dynamism with a personal touch

Enrich your customers’ experience with visually appealing uniforms

With customers visiting your cinema, theme park or other entertainment facilities to enjoy themselves, coming in contact with happy and enthusiastic  staff dressed in fitting and comfy uniforms is definitely integral to the their experience.

Create the right atmosphere through a lively and well-dressed service team

At TeeHause, we help you dress up, feel good and display dynamism that matches your unique identity.  From simple polo t-shirt for a causal and friendly style  to tailored uniforms with exquisite details for elegance, we craft designs that help you portray your distinct image.

Be it tailored workwear or custom corporate t-shirts, we work hand-in-hand with you to demonstrate your corporate identity. We offer a complete service package from design consultancy, production to inventory management and ensure a smooth order process for you. A wide range of fabric material and colours is available to match your requirements.  

Add a personal touch with custom accessories

Recognise your team's contribution with personalised service badges. Add a personal touch to your services by providing comfy fabric accessories such as blankets and cushion covers for premium cinema services. 

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