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Custom Design T-shirts & Accessories


Showcase your group identity with uniquely designed t-shirts and accessories. Choose among the various options to display your corporate image.

TeeHause: NYC Round Neck T-shirt with Printed Pocket and Piping

Style Your T-shirt

Print your unique graphics as a pocket or piping

TeeHause: Golden Village Embroidery Badges for Team Service Recognisation

Wear Your Unique Accessories

Create distintive badges to recognise your team

TeeHause: MND Custom Dye Red Polo T-shirt in Corporate Colours

Custom Dye T-shirt

Wear your corporate colours to showcase your group identity

TeeHause: EY Customised Tote Bag with Silkscreen Print

Design Your Own Tote Bag

Customise tote bag to your preferred size, fabric and colours 

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