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Create A Smart & Positive Image

Develop a sense of trust, recognition and pride in your brand with well-groomed employees. TeeHause translates and showcases your high standards through well-fitted uniforms tailored for each and every occasion.


Tailored Suits

Showcase your professionalism 

From front desk, sales to administrative team, display your professionalism and commitment to your brand through stylish tailored suits designed according to your specific needs.

Custom Corporate T-shirts

Build a sense of pride and unity

Engage your employees and build a sense of belonging with comfortable t-shirts designed for corporate retreat, team building and festive events.

TeeHause: Corporate Polo T-shirt for SPRING Singapore
TeeHause: Round neck t-shirts for Cedele

Be it tailored suits or custom corporate t-shirts, we work hand-in-hand with you to demonstrate your corporate identity. We offer a complete service package from design consultancy, production to inventory management and ensure a pleasant purchase process for you. A wide range of fabric material and colours is available to match your requirements.  

Welcome Your Clients In Style

Design Your Own Receptionist Uniform

A collection of uniform design details and fabrics curated for your selection, TeeHause Receptionist Uniform Design Suite empowers you to dress up your receptionist the way you want it. Coupled with fine workmanship, we help you create the image that best suits your corporate culture.

A warm welcome at the front desk by pleasant and well-groomed receptionist sets a positive context for any business activity. Flattering made-to-measure uniforms is a must for a well-presented reception team. Dressing up your receptionist in style is made simple with TeeHause Receptionist Uniform Design Suite.

Complements Your Corporate Culture

Premium Uniforms Within Your Order Quantity & Budget

With TeeHause Receptionist Uniform Design Suite, you will be able to order small quantity of high quality made-to-measure uniforms at affordable rates.

Easy Customisation Across Branch Offices Worldwide

Simple to use, TeeHause Receptionist Uniform Design Suite allows customisation for receptionists in different countries, adapting to their culture.   

TeeHause Receptionist Uniform Design Suite

How to use

1 Design your jacket & blouse - select your preferred collar, hem, pockets, button and cuff styles


2 Create your dress - choose your dress sleeves and length


3 Design your pants - select your pants side and/or back pockets


4 Choose your fabric material and colours


5 Provide your body measurements using TeeHause Quick Measurement Guide (for overseas use)

We welcome your enquiries

+65 66318380

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